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AKG C636 Black

AKG C636 Black AKG C636 Black
AKG C636 Black AKG C636 Black
AKG C636 Black
Step on stage with a studio legend. The new AKG C636 is the legendary C535 updated for todayÂ’s rigorous live performance requirements. Offering the pure studio sound ...

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Step on stage with a studio legend. The new AKG C636 is the legendary C535 updated for today’s rigorous live performance requirements. Offering the pure studio sound you’ve grown to love, housed in a worry-free durable housing, you can now focus on your vocal performance—not on the performance of your microphone.

Spend a few minutes with the AKG C636, and you’ll realize you’ve never held a mic like this. Its proprietary double shock suspension system provides unparalleled rejection of handling noise. And the C636 doubles­-down on keeping your performance flawless by incorporating a state-of-the-­art, multi-­layer pop noise rejection system that eliminates plosives and a consistent, cardioid polar pattern that eliminates feedback.

Made with hand-­selected components and manually tuned for a pure transparent tone, the new C636 retains the spirit of the classic AKG C535 condenser microphone, while being updated to meet the demands of today’s top vocal performers.

Studio-quality sound: By keeping the C535 sound untouched, the C636 captures your sound unfiltered and uncompressed like no other mic on the market.
Uniform cardioid pattern: Eliminates feedback
Proprietary double shock suspension system: Eliminates handling noise
Multilayer pop noise protection: Eliminates plosives
24-carat gold-plated capsule: For robust stage reliability

World-Famous AKG condenser sound quality
For 70 years, AKG has pioneered the art of premium studio-­quality sound, and we understand it’s what’s inside that counts. Continuing this legacy, the C636 microphone features a custom-­tuned cardioid condenser capsule with hand-­selected components that maintains the coveted C535 uncompressed sound. That means you can capture your performance with unfiltered and nuanced studio fidelity, whether you’re on stage in a small club or one of the world’s largest stadiums.

Be aggressive, the C636 can take it
If youÂ’ve ever tried to bring a studio mic on stage, you know theyÂ’re too delicate to stand up to the task. The C636 micÂ’s proprietary double shock suspension system greatly reduces handling noise, even during the most energetic on-stage performances. Its capsule sits on a highly absorbent rubber bearing, eliminating any structure-based noise, while an adjustable balancing network cancels vibrations over a wide frequency range. In addition, a substantial brass layer below the capsule serves as a counterweight that increases stability and delivers cleaner acoustics.

A new approach to broad-spectrum feedback rejection
The C636 essentially eliminates feedback by combining a uniform cardioid polar pattern throughout the entire frequency spectrum with a specially designed suspension and grille for the capsule. This unique approach to housing the capsule avoids unwanted sound reflections on the back of the capsule from stage sound sources, the most common cause of feedback in other microphones.

Triple pop noise protection
When AKG artists told us that "pops were the enemy", we listened and incorporated a multi-layer protection system to provide singers with clear, plosive-free vocal performances. The protection system spares no expense and consists of the grille, a foam layer behind the grille and a magnetically attached computer-modeled mesh layer on top of the capsule. This triple-layer protection system is virtually unique to AKG and is not found in any microphone remotely near this price range.

Rugged construction
With extremely rugged zinc alloy construction and a spring steel grille, the C636 stands up to the most demanding tour schedules. And its 24-karat gold-plated capsule protects the microphone against moisture and corrosion. Just focus on your performance—the C636 will take care of the rest, night after night.

Type: 3/4 Back electret condenser
Audio frequency bandwidth: 20 to 20000 Hz
Equivalent noise level: 20 dB-A
Sensitivity: 5.6 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise: 74 dB-A
Max. SPL for 1 % THD: 150 dB
Electrical impedance: 200 Ohms
Recommended load impedance: 2000 Ohms

== Powering Interface =
Voltage: 48 V
Current: 4 mA

Audio Output
Type: Balanced XLR
Gender: Male
Contacts: 3-pin

Body: Metal
Finish: Matte black or nickel

Dimensions / Weight
Length: 185 mm
Diameter: 51 mm
Net Weight: 312 g

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